Opterre Advisors

Access Interim Leadership.

When you see trouble on the horizon and you need to make changes fast.

Access experienced, credentialed executive talent capable of resolving your most complex issues that you thought were out of reach.

Return to working on your business, not just in it.

Fill Your Leadership Void.

Roles We Supply

Interim Leadership

Fractional Leadership

Project Leadership

Challenges We Solve

  • Complete Projects

    Bring in leaders who can see potential stumbling blocks and motivate teams to push through them.

  • Growth Expertise

    Tap into experts who have not only have expanded market reach, but also launched new products.

  • Crisis Prevention

    We’ll guide your company to withstand threats, be they a natural disaster, a cyberattack, or a change in regulations.

  • Restructuring

    We provide talent that is diplomatic yet independent to complete the work when reorganizing and divesting can be personal and political.

  • Exits & Acquisitions

    Consider us if you need a leader who can handle politics, coordinate people, processes, and technology, as well as keep an eye on legal issues.

  • Tech Transformation

    Going “digital?” Implementing a new ERP or a CRM? Access leaders who know this is more than just a tech project—it’s people and process, too.

Liz Bordeaux, CFO, Evidant

“Opterre’s advisor’s are world-class. They’ve been at this for so many years that they can take immediate action, assume accountability, and quickly deliver solutions to our real problems. Then leave. They’re not about long-term contracts. Nor do they contribute to our permanent overhead.”

The FAQs

  • Since 2016, we’ve been a professional services agency offering experienced, senior executive management talent to address leadership gaps or lead solutions at “inflection points” in your business.

    We are not a staff augmentation firm, nor do we work as a traditional consultancy whose goal is to grow a larger presence in your company.

    We are interim, project-based, and/or fractional leaders, or what we call “advisors.”

  • When you need specialized expertise and leadership to drive business forward, but do not need a full-time role. For example, do you need full-time legal counsel on your team, or should you engage a legal firm?

    When you need to drive a new initiative but don’t have the resources in-house to lead.

    Or when there is a gap in leadership that must be filled quickly while you look for longer-term solutions.

    Our advisor’s have extensive experience (15+ years). They have a bias for action and the experience to tackle problems quickly. And they do so without the burden of your internal politics.

    We are selected to drive solutions and guide your team, as well as mentor future leaders to manage the new situation going forward.

  • Here are a few scenarios:

    • If you’re a start-up, but can’t afford to pay for a full-time executive, yet need expertise.

    • When you’re launching a new initiative and need a project leader to manage it while you manage your business.

    • When your key executive has to take a leave of absence but none of your junior talent can take the lead.

    • When regular responsibilities prevent you from going after new opportunities.

    • When processes, systems, or KPIs are minimal or nonexistent.

    • Your minimum viable product got you started, but now you need to grow and make sure you follow industry standards.

    • When major market events are occurring but you lack the resources or knowledge to guide you to a secure position again.

    Hire an advisor immediately rather than waiting until you can afford one.

  • The length of the assignment depends on the scope, scale, complexity, and duration of the “disruption” event you’re experiencing.

    For example:

    • Project-based assignments could take a year or more when it’s a billion-dollar rollout of an ERP across a large enterprise.

    • Or it could be a matter of months, just until a permanent executive is found.

  • Fees depend on the scope, size, complexity, accountabilities, duration, and risks assumed by the assignment. Accountabilities, duration, and risk have a significant bearing on the fee.

    Let’s discuss what’s right for you.

    Whatever the ultimate fee quoted, we will deliver at least 2x or more value in return.

  • It starts with a conversation.

    We want to be certain that we are aware of your situation, needs, and the chemistry you want in an advisor. Next, we will talk about the challenges, priorities, and risks you’re facing to meet a deadline.

    From this fundamental foundation, we can typically assign an advisor quickly—in a few days or weeks if you wish to be involved in the selection process.

  • Of course! If both you and the advisor wish to stay engaged on a permanent basis, you may hire that person.

    However, there is a fee of 20% of the fully optioned annual salary as part of the recruiting fee.

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