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Access Interim Leadership.

Get expert help for much less than the cost of a full-time employee.

New Market and Product Launch

Restructuring and Turnaround

Respond to a Crisis

Divestitures, Acquisitions, Mergers

Digital Transformation

Fill Your Leadership Void.

Stuck in the weeds? Looking for people who have done “this” before, but are usually too expensive? Quickly and affordably gain access to seasoned, credentialed experts capable of handling your most complex issues. We’ll get you unstuck.

Drive Initiatives Forward

When there is a temporary void in leadership, work must continue.

A New Consulting Paradigm

Traditional consulting and contract-labor firms focus on the implementation of solutions to highly specific client problems. Their goal is to expand within your organization, taking on more of your operations and projects. This model gives you access to technical and tactical talent, but it is very costly and junior. The agency’s profit increases if lower-cost, junior staff do the work. And once they leave, so does that knowledge.

Our experienced Advisors know you already have in-house experts who know your product or service. But what they lack is experience in ideation, transition or transformation initiatives, or steering through a crisis. Our Advisors have at least 10 years of leadership experience. Because of our depth of expertise, we know where there are pitfalls, can help you preemptively solve them, and then guide you and your team to achieving the goal. Your team learns “how to fish.”

By tapping into interim leadership, you are able to compete on the same level as your larger competitors.

All businesses exist to create and deliver a product or service. When customers are prepared to pay for it, it has value.

-John Naisbitt, Megatrends

Our Focus Areas

Discovering Value


Discovering Value

Be sure to include important details like value, length of service, and why it’s unique.

Developing Value


Developing Value

Add your pricing strategy. Be sure to include important details like value, length of service, and why it’s unique.

Protecting Value


Protecting Value

Add your pricing strategy. Be sure to include important details like value, length of service, and why it’s unique.

We solve the complex, not just the complicated

  • Find your next best “mouse trap” through our ideation workshop process.

  • You can maximize the return on your investments thanks to our qualified product and project management experts.

  • Our qualified experts categorize risks, compliance needs, privacy demands, and ensure that your new solutions can withstand cyberattacks.


Add capacity to your team without significant overhead.


It’s not always possible to wait for professionals to find time for you; with our advisers’ virtual accessibility, you may get the information you need on your terms and according to your schedule.

Enhance your team’s overall expertise by avoiding potential mistakes.


By matching you with the advisor whose skills and experience best align with your needs, we believe that this tailored approach leads to more effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

Obtain goals more quickly, more easily, and with less effort.


Our main goal is to speed up the process of making decisions. We’ll provide guidance, roadmaps, and recommendations from advisors who have in-depth knowledge of your sector.

Our Primary Markets

SaaS Enterprises

Healthcare & Insurance

Banking & Finance

How to Begin

  • Picture of Person Describing a Need

    Describe Your Need

    • Problem Description

    • Desired Skills or Experience

    • Timeframes (Start and Duration)

  • Select Expert(s)

    • Review & Select Candidates

    • Rate Schedule (Min. $250/hr or retainer)

    • Coordinate Schedules

  • Picture of Man Holding Lightbulb

    Engage on New Insights

    • Provide Context

    • Advisor Conducts Interview/Assessment

    • Receive Report, Recommendations, and Roadmap

What People Are Saying

“More than just hired guns, these guys acted like they were part of the company.”

— United

“They quickly pinpointed why we were struggling. Fixing it meant spending more, but it actually generated a better ROI.”

— Blue Cross

“We trusted their advice more than the Big 4 guys because they are independent and were not trying to run the project themselves.”


“”They showed us that it was not only an IT project, but also a business project. People – both in staff and customers – came first.”

— Evidant

We’ve worked with

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  • Ivy Schultz

    Discovers Value

  • Karthik Balasubramanian

    Creates Value

  • Michael Walker, Protects Value

    Michael Walker

    Protects Value