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About Opterre

We are familiar with the “Big 4” consulting firms’ main business model because we once worked for one of them.

In the beginning, it’s to seduce you with a senior expert who promotes the notion of outsourcing the solution to a certain major problem.

The strategy is to send a sizable team that adheres to the people-process-technology model. The expert then leaves to sell his solution to other prospective customers. Going forward, you do not receive the expert’s professional counsel and contributions, just the junior staff.

The purpose is to establish a foothold at your company. Then, use this relationship to sell you other business services.

They want to stay here indefinitely.

Such actions create direct conflicts of interest and/or problems with how your company is run. Do they work for you or for their consulting firm? Do you really get a good deal for the services you pay for? Or are you getting access to a very expensive resource pool?

We offer an alternative model. Our purpose is to serve as a catalyst for change by contributing our expertise. But your leadership remains in charge.


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